Out of Hibernation

Things have been quiet here for the last few months but for good reason!

12 weeks ago (yesterday) I married my sweetheart ♥
I know it’s super cliche but we honestly did have the best day ever. It was so much fun and if I could repeat the whole day again I would!

Here are a few snaps of our day x

We’ve had the best three months setting up our little house, watching our new house start to be built as well as celebrating with Dyl’s brother and our new sister-in-law leading up to their wedding which was almost 2 weeks ago now.

The year is flying by and it’s definitely been a big year for us but I’m super keen to get back here and continue our conversations around personal finance.

Step Four is coming soon. Plus how we approach budgeting for Christmas. Plus a whole heap more!

Hann x

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