A Little Life Update

It feels a bit like groundhog day where I’m writing “sorry I haven’t posted in a while but things have been busy” although I’m pretty sure you’re not sitting around refreshing my website waiting for my next post so I feel okay about the whole situation haha.

I thought I’d just check in and fill you in with what’s been going on in my world over the last few months…

♦ B I G G E S T news… Last week (January 10th, on our 6th anniversary) Dylan asked me to marry him! It was 1000% sweetness and perfection all wrapped in one and we could not be happier.  It honestly is still the dreamiest moment of my life to date ♥


♦ The next big adventure we’re going on this year is building our house. We’ve had plans done and got a few changes to be made and then it’ll be doing everything we can to get things going as soon as possible 🙂
Pray for us. We know God is so kind and has been so good to us already but I feel like there’s extra grace that is needed when it comes to dealing with councils and having the patience for building a home, haha.

♦ This year is my TENTH year at my job. I started as an almost 18-year-old in July 2009 and worked full time while finishing year 12 and here I am, still around ten years later! We’ve changed names three times, I’ve been able to move up from a trainee receptionist to the practice manager, I’ve gained 4 more bosses since starting and met & worked with some of the best people I know. Some days are meh, some days are so good but I am so grateful for my job and how it changed the course of my life (a story for another time).

♦ In June, I’ll be getting another niece or nephew which will be fun! My oldest niece is about to turn n i n e which is so crazy and this new little babe will be the 8th little cutie I get to love.

Here are some of my cuties who helped me and my sister set up our Christmas tree ♥

♦ And to finish, some other fun news from late last year… I paid off my car loan which is THE BEST FEELING!! It now means aside from our block, we have noooo debt which feels so great. The moment paying off my car was so sweet and it made all the sacrifices so worth it! I’m still studying my Financial Planning degree too which is going well (studying is meh, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do when you’ve got goals).

There is nothing at all for me to complain about and if you hear me complaining, please call me out on it. There are certainly lots of big adventures that this year will hold which is so exciting. I really do want to keep this more active and be posting stuff more frequently this year so make sure you’re following the blog and have like my page on Facebook and Instagram so you can see all the adventures we get up to this year!

Han xo

One thought on “A Little Life Update

  1. So good to hear some heart stuff Hannah. Congratulations again on this huge step of commitment you have made to each other. Sounds like you are both being extremely wise with having your car paid off and saving for a house. You are putting down some great foundations. Bless you Hannah and Dylan xxx


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