Why I Changed My Uni Degree​

Earlier this year I put a post on my Instagram about being accepted into Deakin University and had said: “I’ll put a post up soon to fill you in on why I decided to change degrees”.

Soon turned out to be a month later, but better late than never!

I have always been intrigued by the statistic that finance is one of the biggest topics that couples fight about. I’ve also always been determined not to be apart of that statistic. I don’t want my family, my friends or my future children and even grandchildren to be apart of it either. So I’ve decided to dedicate the next three/four years to learn about every aspect of commerce and financial planning to help myself and others be the best we can be with our finances. This has meant that I’ve swapped degrees and am changing university’s, but that’s okay. I’ve been able to score some credit points and I feel good that what I’m about to start I am 100% passionate about.

I have always loved knowing where my money is going and how I can best spend, save and share it but I have had to figure it out by myself (although, kudos to my Dad for teaching me the in’s and out’s of Excel which is where I work all my money magic, haha). Unfortunately, there’s not really a subject in school called “Personal Finance” where you can learn how to deal with money in the real world, but I wish there was! I wish there would have been something there for me when I got my very first job at 15 that would instill great money behaviours and patterns within me that would help me as an adult.

Last year I got to thinking…

What if I could be the person who helps people begin to manage their money well…
What if I could be the person who helps people shape positive money beliefs, understanding that it’s okay to have money…
What if I could be the person who helps people spend, save and share their money so that not only they benefit but those around them do too…

Money is so important and I think it’s the most powerful resource we have been entrusted with. I feel like not enough people talk about it, especially in a positive way and also out of a Christian view, but it is something that needs to be talked about! I’m passionate about helping people – young and old – understand money and why it’s good to have, why it’s good to be generous, why it’s wise to invest and why budgeting is always a good idea.

I’m inspired to shift the stigma around money, the statistic it’s created in relationships, and I’m excited to see the freedom it releases in people’s lives not only for them but for those around them.

I’m excited to learn more about money and although I’m not qualified (yet!), I’m excited to hear your stories and experiences with money and help you where you need it (e.g. setting a killer budget)! There is no judgment; nothing will shock me – if you have a bucket load of debt or a bucket load in the bank, I want to hear from you.

Can’t wait to share the journey with you!

Han, xo



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