The Block!

On Monday I sat my final exam for the year and boy, oh boy did it feel good to get that done and dusted! With my study being online it means I have 3 twelve week study blocks (Teaching Periods) a year and in each Teaching Period (TP) I do 2 units. Usually I find that’s the perfect amount of study on top of my work and church commitments but this TP just gone I found it the h a r d e s t.

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You see, in August (half way through the TP) the settlement on our block went through which was incredibly exciting!
Our Block 
The downside to the purchase at that time of year was that all I wanted to do was spend any time I could planning and dreaming for the house we will soon build. I felt like I was stuck in the middle of choosing between what I knew I had to do be doing and what I wanted to be doing. What I had to do was study. What I wanted was to do was plan my home. Waaa.

I was pretty proud of myself though because I did actually choose study over house stuff and that is a big deal, haha. But now that I’m done with uni for a few weeks, I am so excited to put as much effort and energy into this house business.

N.B. All tips & tricks you have in regards to building or styling a home are welcome. 

Pinterest will become my best friend (kidding, we already are best friends, haha) and I will no doubt be asking all of my friends who have built a hundred billion questions.

Who else actually gets a little overwhelmed by Pinterest? Or is that just me? There are so many things to see that I sometimes don’t know where to start especially with house things, or clothes I find that I think I’d be able to pull off but I’m really just kidding myself, and then there’s the things I see that trick me into thinking I’m a DIY kinda gal and I’m just not 100% sure how true that actually is, haha.

Back to the house though, I am loving the thought of a budget challenge. If you know me even slightly well, you are likely to know that I love a good budget! My friend Miriam, who used to be my boss, helped me with a budget when I first started working full time and since then I’ve just loved it. We would often chat in our office about how we could best allocate our money, how to still leave room for fun purchases but be smart so we would be setting ourselves up well. One time we made little money pockets out of paper so that when we got paid we could get the cash out for different things (like rent) and pop it in there so we wouldn’t spend it on random things. My parents still have that on their fridge, haha. Anyway… I love a good budget.

I’m pretty excited for the next few weeks, and then the months that follow when we start making decisions and builders start building. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of our house. Like I mentioned earlier, if you have any advice you can give, I’ll take all I can get so feel free to comment or message me.

Also now that uni is done with, I’ll have more time for the website which is 10/10 exciting, so I’ll see you soon!


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