P is for Procrastination

e20227beb94b04d3ff410d5585bc4247You know the feeling when you have honestly so much work to do that you don’t know where to start so you start with a non-related, non-urgent task, like having a shower? Well, that has been me the last few weeks.

It’s crunch time for this trimester at Uni. In four Monday’s time I will be sitting a 3-hour exam. I have an assignment due every Monday up until then. I have my usual eating, sleeping, going to work, church, life to do. You would think that I would be so very wise with every inch of my time… If that was the case, you’ve thought slightly wrong! Haha.

I have worked hard, and I have made sacrifice for my study but here is a list of 5 activities I do while procrastinating from the really important things…

    For some reason, I feel like a good use of my time straight after dinner (while my brain is still functioning well) is to have a shower. I tell myself that feeling fresh will keep me more alert and my brain more active… But then by the time I have finished I have even less motivation that beforehand!
    I started watching Hart of Dixie from the start again a little while ago. This is always a bad idea for me to get involved with a show like that when I have a lot more important things on my agenda. I also have TV Shows like The Block and The Bachelor/Bachelorette keeping me entertained when my focus should be elsewhere.
    This is a game I have on my phone that I used to play a while ago (got super addicted so deleted the app) but then my 4-year-old nephew started playing it so I downloaded it again… Got totally sucked in to it, but it is nice bonding time with Elijah haha.
    Now, I have a pretty solid and set budget and it has worked so well for me for the last two/three years I’ve structured it this way, but in recent times (i.e. when I have assignments to write) I’ve felt like it could use a tweaking. So, naturally I spent more hours than necessary shuffling things around, putting them back to how they were, and then landing on a slightly different format for how I allocate my finances.N.B. I love budgeting and enjoy knowing I’m doing the best I can with what I have, so even though the timing of this task could have absolutely waited, I do feel like it was a beneficial use of my time.
    Lol… Because I literally am procrastinating right now… I will definitely admit that changing my website and re-launching, if you will, this could have waited until I was on Uni break, but yolo.

So over the next four weeks if you see frequent blog posts from me, it’ll either be 1) Because I’ve killed it with all my assignments and have finished everything, or 2) I’m procrastinating (I’m 98% sure it’ll be the latter).

Feel free to share your procrastinating methods with me! I still have 2.5 years of university to go!

Han xo


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