The Year That Was

Last year I wrote a post on New Years Eve, so I thought I might make a tradition out of it.

I thought I might just show you some of the highlights of my 2015! So here they are… Some of my top moments of twenty15

(these are in no particular order)

B A B I E S – Two of my sisters and my best friend had babies! Which means that I’m an auntie five time now (and yes, I realise that “technically” I’m not Eli’s auntie, but I’ve known Sarah my whole life so I’m claiming it haha). These are the first pictures that I had with my 2015 cuties (except the one of Marli, that’s the second because I like it better).

W E D D I N G S – We had a few weddings this year also but my favourites (if that’s allowed) were Sarah’s and my sister Megan’s. I was honoured to be a bridesmaid in Sarah’s wedding which was in beautiful Stanley. Megan’s wedding was a delightful small family wedding (as small as it can  be when you’re one of 7 kids). We also had a few friends get married this year which is always exciting – it’s so fun celebrating people’s big life moments with them. Here’s a couple photos from both Sarah & Megan’s…

D Y L A N – He’s always a highlight. We have laughed, cried, cheered, celebrated, believed and loved our way through this year. He is my all time favourite person to spend any of my time with. This year we spent the most time apart than we ever have since we started dating when I went to America. One of my best friends asked me when I got home “Did distanced make the heart fonder?” To which I replied, “Yes! I am very fond.” I adore Dylan wildly, and I was so happy to come back home to him.

A M E R I C A – This was the first time I have ever been overseas and it was so good. It already feels like a lifetime ago even though it was only last month. I went with Tiffany (one of my best friend & Dyl’s sister). It was so much fun. New York City was my favourite, followed by San Francisco and Chicago. I wouldn’t want to live in the States, but I would definitely go back. It’s such a huge place, with so much to see and do. It was definitely an incredible adventure and one I’ll remember for my lifetime! America ended with a trip to Melbourne to see Taylor Swift which was just the icing on the sweetest holiday cake!

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C H U R C H – this year I’ve seen hundreds of young people each Friday night come and meet God for the first time, and those who have been meeting with Him for a while. We, as a family, celebrated B I G at Easter and Christmas because God deserves it – there’s no simpler way I could put it. Our Wonders Conference happened in July and fell on my birthday so that made it all the more fun! There were so many things about those few days that did my heart so much good. I’m still wearing my Wonder’s band in faith for all the things I know He’s promised.

What a year it has been. I’m incredibly thankful for the friendships that I’ve made and sustained, the adventures that have happened, the moments where God’s spoken and I’ve listened, the family time, the Dylan moments and everything else that fills my life.
But what a year this next one will be! I have so much faith and expectation for the coming year, it’s crazy. I know I’ll see miracle after miracle; I’ll see moment after moment where God changes someones life radically and I’ll get to be apart of those moments! I’m dreaming big for 2016. xo

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