Thought of the Day

I am so overwhelmingly thankful that I changed the path I was headed down before I had a chance to convince myself it was too late.

God has been nothing but gracious and kind to me. It’s unbelievable! I honestly see it as being rescued. I was rescued from a life that relied on what others thought of me, it revolved around doing what everyone else was doing so I didn’t feel left out. It was ruled by self doubt and disbelief.   

I now live the best life. It’s far from perfect, but those things that had my heart bound are no longer there. I live freely, I live with friends whose friendship is legitimately unconditional, I live out of a place of grace. I now make decisions based on what is best for me and I don’t make them alone. I have a heart that is full – I’m no longer striving for others to fill it for me. I’ve found a place where I can be whole-heartedly, and unashamedly ME! 

I live my life with a constant Companion who’s there when I have a crappy attitude about my job, and there when I have a sour thought about a situation. A Companion who, in-spite of all that, still whispers in my heart “You are my Beloved, in whom I am well pleased.” [You got it, I’m talking about Jesus.] 

I have no doubt in my mind that I would of found this place to live in eventually, but I am so glad I’m living in it now. I’m so glad that Jesus looks at me with eyes full of love and kindness. I’m so glad that with compassion in His voice He calls me close to Him. 

My hope is that you’re encouraged by this. My hope is that you understand that’s it’s never too late and you’re never too far gone to ask Jesus to come rescue you. He’s there, waiting to sweep you off your feet with His incredible love and kindness and compassion. 

Hann. X

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