As Iron Sharpens Iron…


At this very moment I am sitting in my bed, in a hotel on the eve of my best friends wedding and I couldn’t feel more honoured if I tried. I’ve been thinking of all the fun and mischief we have got up to over the past 20-something years and can’t help but think that I’ve got the best best friend in the world!

My best friend is one of a kind. I’ve known her my entire life – that alone makes me feel incredibly grateful. She is brave and bold, she is kind and creative, she is honest and loyal. She is beautiful. She is who she is and doesn’t apologise for it. I’ve seen her through all her highs and all her lows in her life and know that all of the above is 100% true.

I love God positioned friendships. I love that it doesn’t matter if I see her every day, once a week or once a month, we pick up where we left off and that is my favourite. I love that no matter what I know I’m accepted and valued; I know that what I have to say will be listened to without judgement. I love that the bible talks about what having a good friend does to you.

As iron sharpens iron,
    so a friend sharpens a friend.

I can’t help but think that I am a sharper friend because of my best friend. I often feel like I’m in a constant challenge of who I should be spending more or less time with because the reality is that people either add or subtract to your life. They will either lift you higher and propel you further or they will pull you down and hold you back. I feel incredibly honoured that I am surrounded by friends who want to see me be the best version of myself and do (and say) what needs to be said so that can happen.

I really would like to leave you with this… I feel like people feel like they need to have a million and 1 really close friends, but I challenge you to think & pray about those that you let into the deeper parts of your life. I’m not saying don’t have a heap of friends, but what I am saying is, you don’t need to please everyone. You don’t need to share every detail of your life with everyone. I really believe that God places the perfect people in your life at the perfect time so that you are never alone; so that you always have someone you can fully rely on.

Now, I’m off to sleep! Tomorrow is my best friends BIG day! Yay.

Hann x

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